Book launch October 1st | All proceeds of the book will be donated to breast cancer survivor teams in Canada

About Cheryl Pounder

Success in one field doesn’t necessarily translate to another area. In the case of former Canadian Women’s hockey player, Cheryl Pounder, who has made the transition from ice to stage, the move has been a triumph. 

In the sports world where accomplishments are measured by medals and titles, there aren’t many who can claim a list of achievements as glowing as Cheryl’s. Her run of success began early in the 1990s when her ice hockey team won the Under-18 Canadian National championship. In 1994, she won Gold for the first time at the 1994 IIHF World Women’s Hockey Championship, and during her illustrious career with the National Women’s team, Cheryl won two Olympic Gold medals (2002 and 2006) and was crowned IIHF World Champion six times.

Cheryl wrote the forward to the book to honour her mother who is a breast cancer survivor and avid dragon boater who paddled with the Dragon's Abreast club in Toronto from 1998 through 2013.

"Hope was always a big word in my family, from the Hopecaps my mom sewed for breast cancer survivors, to my own pursuit of the Olympic dream. That is why the message that emanates from this book resonates with me so deeply."
Cheryl Pounder, Two-time Canadian Olympic Gold Medalist, PaddleCore Team Building Expert, and Motivational Speaker

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