Book launch October 1st | All proceeds of the book will be donated to breast cancer survivor teams in Canada

Navigating through breast cancer

Breast cancer is often mythologized as a dragon among those affected by breast cancer. How each woman lives with the dragon differs. For some, it becomes a doorway to a different future. For others, a beast to be slain. These women offer inspiration that life after breast cancer can be active, enchanting, beautiful. Their vulnerability offers us the opportunity to experience their courage, strength and beauty from up close.

All the proceeds of the book will go towards Canadian breast cancer dragon boat teams.

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Courageous journeys through breast cancer

This fine art photography book explores courageous journeys of seven women through breast cancer, the relationship between the female body, and a sense of womanhood and femininity. It seeks to understand where these feelings are anchored and how they change when organs typically associated with womanhood and femininity - the breasts - are altered or lost.
It also celebrates the courage of these women, who took up dragon boat racing after their diagnosis. Now in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, each has a story of struggle that now defines the evolution of their beautiful body and unbreakable spirit.

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